Pest Control

Pest Control“The first day a bug is a guest, the second a burden, the third a pest.”

Indoor Pests:      

There are many common pests, in many common areas, that make a dreadful visit to our INDOORS when the weather gets too hot or too cold outside for them to survive. Now it is time to learn of how to control pests the Green Bug way!

ANTS are a huge issue in our area. Ants bite, carry diseases and can damage the structure of your house! There are different treatments depending on the kind of ant problem you have, so the first step is to identify the type of ant. Beware: If you try to treat ants yourself you may not get the results you are looking for. It’s like trying to put out a fire…if you do it the wrong way it will spread! Learn More HERE

COCKROACHES have been around for millions of years, which means they can survive in conditions most living things cannot! You can reduce the population through several different means, but a professional can help eliminate the conducive conditions which will rid the cockroaches effectively. Learn More HERE

BEETLES can be found in your kitchen, primarily in grain and flour products.  Green Bug can come to your home and identify where the beetles are laying eggs and make recommendations to prevent such an occurrence.

RATS and MICE are more than just a nuisance; they can cause serious injury through bites and transmission of diseases.  They will also steal our food, damage items, wake us up in the night, and can even weaken structures.  If these pests are not controlled their populations will continue to grow at alarming rates!

Please note that Green Bug is not limited to the indoor pests listed, these are just the most common.  Call us today to discuss your problem!

Outdoor Pests:

We all know the heat can get miserable during the summer and it slows us down!  Unfortunately, there are some pests that thrive in the summertime heat and sometimes it is essential to keep them out of your perimeters.

MOSQUITOES hurt and can harm people, especially the young and elderly.  There are ways to calm the activity of mosquitoes around your yard and protect your family.  A Green Bug professional can recommend numerous ways to get rid of these pests, just pick up the phone and a professional will be there to help.

APHIDS, WHITEFLIES, and SCALE can damage your flowers and shrubs and serve as a feeding ground for other pests!

CRICKETS will keep you up all night!  Besides keeping you up, they will eat anything, including the nice fabrics in your home.

GOPHERS, SQUIRRELS, and MOLES destroy your lawn and garden.

PROBLEM BIRDS will continue to nest in your space which can bring infestation of biting bird mites.

SNAKES are scary, especially when they are in the wild.  Unfortunately, Texas has many venomous snakes which can be a problem for your beloved pets and children. Green Bug will help you eliminate these dangerous creatures from your home and lawn.

Please note that Green Bug is not limited to the outdoor pests listed, these are just the most common.  Call us today to discuss your problem!