Endless Beginings


Endless Beginnings is a free educational program available to day cares, elementary schools, and community events.  Green Bug supports Endless Beginnings in hope for a “new” tomorrow; providing fun and educational activities about bugs, science, and organic gardening.  Endless Beginnings will be in a school near you starting September 3, 2012!


About the Founder:

Jennifer Springer believes children are the future defenders of our planet.  Having a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with a major in Child Development, Jennifer has been able to create a curriculum that combines the developmental aspects of the “child” while using sustainable methods and materials, benefiting EVERYONE in the long run.


Jennifer states “By sharing our knowledge about recycling, planting, and saving, while discovering that science is truly an art, children will develop the skills and excitement they will need to face the challenges of our world”.


What does this program include?


-Organic methods of pest control

-Recycling by composting and worm farming

-Caring for plants and the environment

-Organic arts and crafts

-FREE education benefiting your child and your family


If you are a provider, or educator, interested in this program contact us TODAY to reserve your spot in September’s activities!