Green Bug is excited to offer high quality and reasonably priced pest control and Termite control service by providing conventional AND organic options for the greater Tyler TX area.

Green Bug will continue to work with you until you are 100% satisfied guaranteed.  Green Bug’s goal is to create a unique partnership with you to determine the best and most responsible way to solve your pest problems.  Just remember, Green Bug genuinely cares and will always offer you conventional pest control, as well as low impact pest control methods, to protect you, your children, and your pets!! There are many common pests, in many common areas, that make a dreadful visit to our INDOORS when the weather gets too hot or too cold outside for them to survive. We understand your commitment to your family and or employees when it comes to their safety and peace of mind.


ASK About our new HOME REMODEL services.  Reduce Reuse Remodel with GREEN BUG!